USA Quality Precision Tools

Freeform's extended length drill bits are an ideal tool to assist hard wired installations and have been used with satisfaction by competitive members of the industry since 1978.

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Flexible Drill Bits, Carbide Drill Bits

FLEXIBLE SHAFT BITS American made high speed steel ( M1) fast spiral drill .257"(F), 3/8", 1/2" diameters 3/16" flexible spring steel shaft with 3 ground chuck flats & wire pull hole. .257"(F) diameter high speed steel

Wood Augurs and Percussion Masonry Bits

AMERICAN MADE CARBIDE PERCUSSION MASONRY DRILL. CARBIDE PERCUSSION MASONRY DRILLS 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" DIAMETER 1/4" BELLHANGER SHAFT WITH 3 GROUND CHUCK FLATS AND WIRE PULL HOLE. WOOD AUGER BITS CARBON STEEL WITH SCREW POINT 1/4" spring steel shaft with 3 ground chuck flats & wire pull hole. 3/8" & 1/2" Dia. available with 3/16" flex shaft

Split-point Jobber Drill w/hole in Bit and Shaft

American made high speed steel ( M1 ) Jobber drill .257"(F), 3/8", 1/2" drill diameters HSS Split Point Jobber drill with hole in bit & chuck ends 3 precision ground chuck flats 3/16" diameter flex shaft OR 1/4" diameter bellhanger shaft

Professional Wire Pulling Stainless Steel Carpet Snake

35‑foot stainless spring steel carpet snake to pull wiring under carpet without cutting or damaging your customer’s property. Cross hallways or whole rooms with this heavy duty 1″ wide strap, to professionally place low voltage wires. The strap is stored in a PVC case, which is easy to unload and load. Stainless steel strap eliminates any problems with rust.

"Freeform is by far and away the source for high quality American made Drill Bits and equipment. As a professional installer of wired installations for the home entertainment system industry, I have to depend on tools that last, and that help me to get the job done quickly and professionally." -Stephen Saunders, Integrated Technical Solutions